Finding Self-Love

Over the past few months, I have been taking time for myself. I have been analyzing different aspects of my life and how I can improve upon them. I came to many conclusions in different areas, but it all came down to one thing: self-love.

Self-love is a very important role in your mental health and overall happiness. I have found that taking the time for myself to really think and reflect on the decisions I make and how I feel about the outcome. This time to analyze my choices has really helped me discover traits about myself that I like and things that I can improve upon.

I discovered to find the “self-love” I was looking for there are a few things I should improve upon that will make me a better person. I started my improvement by setting goals for different aspects of my life that I wanted an upgrade in. Obviously, it takes time for things to change, but they don’t change on their own. You have to put in the work to make a change in your life.

The first area in my life I wanted a change in, was my overall health. I felt as if I wasn’t eating very well, was only working out every once and a while, and I never got enough sleep. This left me feeling burnt out, out of shape, and just overall cloudy. I started off with a few goals here to improve my health:

  1. Eat clean (I know everyone wants to eat clean, but it isn’t totally realistic. I decided to try my best to eat homemade and healthy meals, with proper portions, and lots of veggies! I added some healthy snacks to my diet too!)
  2. Do yoga every morning (I started to do yoga with a few apps on my phone, right from the comfort of my own home and I found it was a great way to start my day off energized. It is also a great workout that connects your body and your mind with your breathing. I never realized how important it is to focus on your breathing. I feel very in-tune with my body and very calm throughout the day when I start with yoga.)
  3. Set a sleep schedule and routine (This is SO SO SO important. I try and slow down my day about an hour before I intend on falling asleep. I do routine things every night such as cleaning my face, packing my bag for the next day, brushing my teeth, drinking a full bottle of water, setting my alarm for the same time every morning, I also try my hardest to pick up my room and fall asleep with a clean room. I find sleeping with a clean room really helps de-clutter my mind and keep me organized. I put all electronics away about an hour before I fall asleep, I find I have a better sleep when I don’t look at my phone at night. I also try and read a book for pleasure and not school every night to take my mind away from school. I also love using essential oils at night! A little bit of lavender oil on the pillow makes for a great night sleep!)
  4. Drink more water (I often forget my body needs water and a lot of it. I started drinking a full 32 oz. first thing in the morning when I wake up before I do yoga. I also started carrying a reusable water bottle everywhere I go so I can keep hydrating!)

The next area of my life I thought needed improvement was my education. I wanted needed a change with my schooling. I decided I needed to be closer to home so I took some time to transfer schools and enroll in classes. I made one major goal for my classes:

  1. Do well! (My main goal was to just succeed in all my classes, and I plan on doing that with many different techniques and tricks. A few things I can do to help me succeed in my classes are: study often, stay on top of things, get ahead, ask for help!)

There are a few other small goals I set for myself:

  1. Make my bed every day when I get up (I find doing this a good start to my day because it’s the first accomplishment of each day, and it starts my day with a productive task.)
  2. Always look my best (Whenever I leave my house I want to look my best, I find if I’m dressed well, I feel better about myself and will be more productive.)
  3. Keep everything clean and organized (This helps me stay on top of things, and not have to worry about cleaning. I can focus on the task at hand and not have the distraction of the cleaning I need to do.)
  4. Be nice (I think this is self-explanatory.)

My goal is to be happy with who I am and the choices I make. I want to improve myself so I can become a better person. I think loving yourself is a very important part of life, and for me, I want to better myself by making these changes in my life. Obviously, these are things I believe I need to improve and they will take time and consistency.

I wanted to share this to explain why I haven’t been active on my blog, and possibly inspire someone else to make changes to their lives to better themselves. I understand this post may not be very intriguing or informative, but this post helped me by having my goals written out for anyone to see so I will feel inspired to continue my journey to better myself.

I challenge you to write out your goals and how you can find self-love in the comments below!

Xoxo Nina


  1. Excellent ideas for self-love and self-care (they go hand in hand!). I especially like what you say about making the bed in the morning as a productive task to start the day 🙂 I found you on Instagram just now and followed!


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