Time to Outgrow and Move On

As I focus more on myself and less on others I have come to realize I am more mature than I think. Dealing with extremely challenging mental illnesses has made me learn more about myself and has given me a new perspective on life. Not everyone understands this, and that’s Ok because they haven’t gone through the same experiences, but if they cannot see other perspectives it’s time to move on.

My therapist constantly reminds me that it’s OK, in fact, encouraged, that I decide to move on from friends that aren’t good for me. In my life I need positive and supportive friends I feel comfortable to lean on when I need them.

The idea of loosing (sometimes lifelong) friends hurts me. It’s hard to look back at old memories and pictures and think that they are no longer in my life. But I know this is how I’m going to grow to become a better person.

The worst part is, it isn’t usually an easy break from them. There’s almost always a falling out, which sucks because no one wants to fight with a friend especially if you know that could be the end of a friendship.

I know moving on is best for me and I made the right decision.

Friends should respect your opinions. Friends should support you. Friends should tell you the truth. Friends should be understanding. Friends should make you happy.

If he/she doesn’t meet my requirements as a friend, they don’t deserve to be in my life. And this should be your mentality too. You shouldn’t have to feel bullied or unsupported by a friend. It’s time to outgrow the friends that aren’t growing. Time to move on. Eliminate the negative out of your life.

I have, and slowly I have found a new support system and friends who are positive. This is just one step you can do to improve your lifestyle and ultimately make you a happier and more positive person.

Xoxo Nina


  1. Absolutely Nina! Having one good friend is better than having 100 bad ones. It sounds brutal but if you’re the sort of person as I am who gets sucked in to their negativity, then a culling session is required. Katie x

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